Maïly Beyrens  °1994 (BE)
Frankfurt based

2017-2020   Fine Arts
                    Staedelschüle, class of Willem De Rooij
                    Frankfurt, Germany

2015-2017   Bachelor Mixed Media (Experimental Studio)
                    Luca School Of Arts, class of Esther Venrooy & Roel Kerckhofs
                    Ghent, Belgium

shows & events

2014             4 Popsongs From Our Past, at Fabriek Ghent

2015             Le Physique Du Hazard, Expanded Drawing at Voorkamer, Lier
                    Genital Drawing Course I, LOK. 14 ,Ghent
                    Crusty Gig, Audioplant Antwerp

2016            Genital Drawing Course #2, 002 Ghent
                    Empathic Dolphin, for MaydayMayday Art Festival Ghent
                    Het Is Tijd Om Op Te Staan!!!, Spaanshuis Ghent
                    SOUND S.H.O.T., 002 Ghent
                    My First Soloshow: Everything Must Be Sold, De Gang, Ghent

2017            Souvenirshop, with Portier Ghent (link)
                    Public Places, Screening On The Roof, site specific screening, Ghent
                    A Serious Artist Residence (livestream show) , 002, Ghent
                    12x20', Kunstroute Waregem, Waregem
                    Regels, Tumult Art Festival, Ghent
                    Cheese Is Life, A Choir (curated by Gerard Herman),
                      for BANG! Festival, Brussels
                    De Heilige Drievuldigheid (curated by Sarah Zeebroek),
                     for BANG! Festival, Brussels
                    Groupshow 'Getting Out of The Paté', KMNM, Kassel

2018             Café Solo at Rundgang Städelschule, Frankfurt Am Main
                    #predicitvetextsongs by Stine Sampers, at LowText, Berlin




2015            Performing The Great Downhill Of Little Tommy,
                    Fringe Festival, Edinburg
                    Performing in Belgica, Felix van Groeningen, 
                    Performing in Serial Drummer Girl by Koen Thijs,
                    DeSingel, Antwerp (link)

2016            Groupshow MIxed Media, Vooruit, Ghent
                    Bjorn Borg Sport Couture, Stockholm (link)
                    Artist Talk / Performative Lecture, OMG!, Taipei
                    Video for Awkward Moments Serie I by Mimi Xu, London (link)

2017            Radiomakelij, PORTIER (link)
                    Filming for  'In Order Of Appearance', Zwart Wild at De Koer, Ghent (link)
                    Visuals for CAMPO, Ghent
                    Artwork for Awkward Moments by Mimi Xu