Legislative documents for potential Police Intervention

‘‘ There is too much to protest about;
every single day of our lives.
Open your mail,
open your newspaper,
open your feed
and you will se anger of all sorts.
Is anger a reason for protest?
Is frustration a reason to shout in public?
How thin is the line between moaning,
and revolution? ’’

Anonymous participant

‘‘ Even though it is said that,
these contemporary days are
the most peaceful humankind has ever known,
there is always place for improvement in our society.
And I am damn tired of internalising
my anger towards all sorts of problematics
of which I cannot do anything about.
I needed a physical experience;
just like what we see happening in other countries ’’

- Anonymous participant

1. the composition of white light,
which is an addition of all colours of the spectrum;
2. that of white noise, which is in its turn,
a sound created by playing all frequencies
simultaneously at a even volume.
This formula results in an seemingly
‘empty’ manifest discarding all use
of figurative content but containing
all the problems existing, oversaturated and layered.

'‘Individual thoughts and personal subjects
of participants are equalled,
and eventually cancelled out by each other
into a blank representation
of all of the problems in the world.
It was a coincidence that
the new American president got elected
a few days before Blanco Manifest took place,
I guess.

Aside from that fact, individuals taking part
could finally, in a physical way,
express their sadness or anger towards
all kinds of personal issues, that became interwoven
internal-external protests in the name of
Prostate Cancer,
Light Pollution,
Belgium Selling F16 to Saudi Arabia,
the Decimation of the Bee,
The One Who Broke your Heart,
People That Stay in the Middle of An Escalator
, etc."

Legislative documents for potential police intervention