They Live With Us

and I think about it every single day. When meeting the (marmorated) stink bug that flew into my bedroom… how the fuck did you fly in fella? What crevasses did you crawl through? Where do you come fro- I mean, where are you born?

A bee lands on my window pane, thirsty and softened from the long distance relationship. I wonder… are you still not retired? (74years she’s been coming back and forth, flowers, beehive, queen, worker, this appartment - workplace, house, boss, colleague, me - a harsh routine - I offer her a cup of sweet water in a water bottle cap. She flies back and doesn’t say thank you, because it’s a bee and we don’t speak the same

it’s tenderness and listening

soft sky and wind striking through

your hair like hands

with skyscrapers in front of it.

Your landscape, mutated to my needs

you’re a landscraper crawling through my mud

  • Hey, I wanted to tell you that sometimes a slithered sadness rushes through me while seeing the sun settles down, uhm, like a stripe of light that made it through the curtain? yes, exactly.

  • Excuse me uncultured sow, nothing is settling down and certainly not the sun like we are the ones moving away

  • Hey, I wanted to say that at the end of the day — if you interpret ‘day’ as the time during which the sun touches land — there is a lot of room for melancholy and it’s like knock knock who’s there it’s melancholy melancholy who - just melancholy

    and I open the door and melancholy starts peeing next to the toilet because of some bladder issues

  • Yeah and then you’re like OK come in I didn’t invite you but I was raised to be polite and loving so I let it enter…. The it hit me in the face with hir left hand and said: you actually are conscious about the fact that time flows in 1 direction (Basic Human Experience Of Time)

And then Tomorrow also knocked but on the door of the garden shed and said; that a sunrise is relative to me, to me only, that I was an egoistic crank bitch (really!!! Like biiiiitch it’s not only aboit you!!! The sun goes down in your face but not for EVERYONE!!!) and I realised for others it’s the start of something and not the end. But I was like, can I have feelings too??


Heavy Branches and twigs

I recently had quite intense impressions, that were visually or olfactory received by my body, in a certain admirable concentration. Spring is working on some of my senses thoroughly and probably yours too; it might feel like flirting (reminds of the word 'fleur', flower in French) with a season, depending on where you live.

As I am writing this, I find myself laying down under a big cherry tree (not in bloom anymore), in the garden of my partner ('s father). This tree is currently holding green fruits, small and hard balls of sour, unripe meat that yet has to soak up sun and other nutrients, in order to become red, moist, sweet delicacies — I feel the need to say the word fertile. To be eaten by birds, and shat out, to be replanted and rerooted in another province, or in the garden next door, maybe - we'll check in a decade. When I imagine the amount of cherry pits swallowed and transported by birds, I'm amazed there aren't more cherry trees all over town. The sky above the tree could and should be described as commercial blue, the sun hits on me, hard as spring does. I think the word sky is one of the top most used words ever. Just a feeling. To write on my laptop I have to use all my abs muscles while being half bend on the grass bed. The wind is soft, like hands. But here comes the curious part: The cherry tree branches morph into dialectical structures. The trunk gets massive, — matriarchal and patriarchal (at the same time? yes). Again I'm telling you, the trunk is thick and coarse and lets NO diseases pas through its coark (but it does allow a little colony of ants to walk on its body. Ants seem to be like sinusitis; an annoying disease, but just not annoying enough to cure it immediately — and the tree is OK with that). The formation of the branches, a good representation of my understanding of entropy and other things — exponential growth, schemes, mindmaps, body politics.

If I look long enough to this cherry tree, it starts distancing itself like a disappointed partner. And my eye reading mutates — as if I was gradually morphing into becoming the antagonist of a sci-fi book, describing a new specie or landscape to fellow I don't know whos, back there, on my home planet, highly under pressure of global warming and political disorder. In those crisis moments, a population starts to look for alternative grounds to settle on. I wonder if they'd find the way I describe this tree appealing to come here. They become suddenly alien... all of a sudden... — the trees. With entangled hair*, trends of deformed armchairs, speculative reaching to heaven, shy but bright green leaves peeking out, like a pre-adolescents beard. Even though I've seen trees all my life, it all became a weird scene.

Was it Wittgenstein that talked about the first time you record a word and its according image? In the podcast, they used the example word "tree" in order to illustrate Wittgenstein's theory. He explained that, at a certain point in your life, you acknowledge that this weird looking thing, object, plant or how ever you localized it then, is a tree. Before that moment you'd seen trees all over, you touched them and maybe climbed in some of their siblings and cousins, but you recorded the thing in such in a passive way; those columns with green paper-like bushes on top of them, that scrolled above your head in your trolley, with your dad's face underneath and freckling light passing though, which made you squint your eyes like a clock, they were trees. But you didn't get that — yet. So, after watching many abstracted representations of that thing in your cardboard booklet, along with a yellow duck, an apple and a moon, the day came that you actually recorded the image and its accompanying designation in the language you speak. Comparable to downloading a file, naming it and saving it in your cognitive archive. Was it him though? Was it Wittgenstein? I wish my own archives were better organised and that my brain didn't mirror the desktop behaviour of my computer. I used maps to organise everything, but everything end up in sub-categories of maps I never open again (I know, I could look up Wittgenstein at this very moment I'm writing this, but I leave the mystery unsolved for a few more days — and no it's not out of laziness or fragmented work ethics).

Since last summer left us, I became aware of the urban faun and flore. Only since then. During My First Autumn of Solitude (song coming out soon — no jazz). As if before, I took them for granted; my balding companions. Our decaying red brownish friends of the suburbs, the polite city flower field at the round about, withdrawing when temperatures drop like a bankrupt shop closes its doors due to e-commerce rising. The abundant canopies longing the riversides of Frankfurt were GORGEOUS during their seasonal puberty... Oh how poetic it all was. Eiks, Sycamores, willows, the smell of walking under and over a decaying leaf bed: a thing that should not be described further in words, I love how stepping in those heaps reveals that specific smell, that of a good smelling rotting process. Argh I'm describing it anyway. The moist air absorbed all remaining residues of life, that of transition to naked hibernation. I breath that in and out, conscious about it for the first time in ages (after that, the winter was harsh, maybe the harshest of them all, the morbidest I’ve witnessed. Even if purple sunsets have spoiled me at the Frankfurt bridge, the moods made me melt and freeze and remelt to be refrozen again and again, that while speed walking with a cigarette, unlit between crisp lips of cold and non-kissing, too much freeze to smoke for real, just let it hang there for a while — because having a cigarette in the mouth, even unlit, covers already half of the frustration / satisfaction. What an agony this winter was. I don’t want to talk too much about it).

Seasons are now hitting on me, hard like the sun's gaze. (On a wet morning in Iran, I happened to be walking through a rose garden, and I felt thirsty. I took a sip out of a rose head, gorged with morning dew. Some might consider this as a gentle harassment, as I'm not sure it was with the flower's consent... It was the freshest drink of the day maybe or maybe of my life. In order to drink from a rose, one must be highly delicate in its approach. You actually must kiss the rose first, then make out with the flowers’ head, gently. Do not French kiss it.** Kindly press your lips against and around the outer row of petals. They have a skin like structure, let’s say a skin like touch, actually, that is easily damaged.) I flirt with many flowers nowadays, but mostly not with an individual flower — more often to a bush. It's like greeting a tiny civilisation. Even in a hurry to work, it happens that I stop by, squat to the level of a flower bed, and have some kind of conversation with her/him/they — in a tangible or energetic way.

All of this, and my awe along. I guess it's out of loneliness that the attention augmented. Which is a good thing?

*a few days after writing this, I was taken to the botanical garden of Leuven, which had this Corylus avellana ‘Contorta’ – Contorted Hazel.

** I met a guy from Paris in Iran, and I stumbled in another awkward conversation due to language problematics. We were kissing each other goodbye, and I mumbled "Oh, we should French kiss" — by that I meant, kissing each other twice on the cheeks. But my whispered miscommunication was heard and laughed at warmly. I guess.

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Racoon Love

It's been a while. I feel the need to be boring but bold. It's probably common to feel things but not being able to achieve them. I haven't read my daily horoscope in a while — only some yearly predictions, some Chinese horoscope (Wood Dog) and even though I never believed in them, I guess the position of the stars and planets (a lot of Mercury in retrograde) align with my moods (?). This week I learned a lot about friendships. Two days ago I was more inspired to write about them but I lost it as I got sober. I am rarely drunk but when it happens, I am to tired to write. What a fucking bullshit. But I told you already that I felt to be boring but bold. And that people don't always achieve what they want.

All Days of the Weak

It's Tuesday 🌐 society's social contract started yesterday again, after a week. Tuesdays are, most of the time, quiet, mediocre — average, they call it Monday’s ugly sister, and poeple are so disappointed when it’s Tuesday, you know why, because it feels like a copy of the day before… So Tuesdays are inherently linked to Mondays, like succesors or time, and most of the poeple complaining aboit it feel time passing by v e r y slowly, almost not, like they are stuck, with sticky feet, glued to Monday, the alarm going off.

Have you seen people with quotes on their H&M jumper 'FUCK IT'S TUESDAY AGAIN'?They’re not so revolting…

They are like Thursdays, in this, silent subcategory of the week, following up the entropic chaos of the day before (that’s more for Tuesday) OR they precede the euphoric expectations of the day following (that’s Thursday).

They pass by with expectations and impatience - Tuesdays again are totally in the shadow of Mondays like the emerald green moss growing on a conifer…

There's a saying; "You don't hate Mondays, you hate capitalism"... just a name for your disgust; a ventilation for all of us about a frustrating time-construction… thanks Jesus… Uhh god… sorry God I mean.

Is it a choice though? "Hell yeah, of course you can avoid that" you will hear post millenial libertains? They might be telling you that you that while waiting in line for a pack of rolling tobacco harvested by modern slaves, but 9 to 5 is a thing baby… a structure embedded in all of our lives… even if you're not within it… Even if you buy American Spirit. And 9 to 5 is nothing compared to…

You know Mondays and their 9 to 5 or 9 to 9 makes me able to buy unripe avocados in the Lidl — because I can't afford the organic ones yet. Will I even ever be able to afford them? Organic food is a hoax anywaythe post-millenial bird told me that…

What's your favorite day of the week?


One day after watching a documentary about a dolphinarium when I was 10 or 12, I imagined that someone watching a dolphin show actually never sees the dolphin — because his view and the dolphin are separated by glass, which in my head made it less legit and was not equal to seeing a dolphin without a barrier between the viewer and the subject. After starting wearing glasses for a certain time, I soon realised that I would forever witness life like this; always with a thin layer of material between life and my gaze; always behind 2 tiny glass wands.

Café Solo (Rundgang 2018)

  1. Thank you to everybody visiting and taking part of Café Solo. Special thanks to my beloved friends who helped me so much: Dido Woelders, Charlotte Symoens, Ines Bodlovic, Gustave Demoen. I love you.

  2. Café Solo was a temporary café — a social setting during Rundgang at Städelschule — serving one person at a time, and works with data currency which involves filling in a questionnaire on a device in order to pay for a fresh drink.

  3. Around 40 questionnaires were filled in. The data will be processed in the upcoming newspaper, JOURNAL INTEMPORAIRE n°3.

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