All Days of the Weak

It's Tuesday. Society's social contract started yesterday again, after a week. Tuesdays are, most of the time, quiet, mediocre — average. Do you ever hear someone complain about Tuesday? Do they make memes about it? Have you seen people with quotes on their H&M jumper 'FUCK IT'S TUESDAY AGAIN'? Similar like Thursdays, they're in this, silent subcategory of the week, following up the entropic chaos of the day before OR they precede the euphoric expectations of the day following. They pass by unnoticed, totally in the shadow of Mondays like the emerald green moss on a tree bark, in a conifer forest.

There's a saying; "You don't hate Mondays, you hate capitalism"... It insinuates Monday has to be a hassle day; that Monday's are such a painful moment of the week because of the economic system, not of Monday in itself. But I guess we're all aware of that. It's a fucking pain in the ass! — because it's the start of the re-incarnation of the previous, similar, repetitive working-week you've been having for so many years all ready. It starts at school, by the way. It all starts at school, this hatred for a certain time of your life, and it repeats itself over and over again. And it's rooted in Christianity, of the division of time, of how Earth was made, in steps, it's all God's decision / fault. But, now, in fact, Monday's just a name for your disgust; a ventilation for all of us about a frustrating time-construction.

Is it a choice though? "Hell yeah, of course you can avoid that" you will hear some comforting hippies tell you while waiting in line for a pack of rolling tobacco harvested by modern slaves, but 9 to 5 is a thing, a structure embedded in all of our lives, even if you're not within it. Even if you buy American Spirit. You just know Monday and its 9 to 5 keeps it g(r)o(w)ing. 9 to 5 makes me able to buy unripe avocados in the Lidl — because I can't afford the organic ones yet. Will I even ever be able to afford them? Organic food is a hoax anyway.

What's your favorite day of the week?