Genital Drawing Course 2014

After years of obsession for the visual representation of the genitals due to
an exposure to Japanese drawn pornography (hentai) at a young age,
a course of life drawing sessions were organised focussing on the genitals.
Prolonged focus resulting in a meditative state form slowly
derived the attention of awkwardness and shame towards
a state of balance between conscious and enhanced physicality.
The models wore different sets of outfits through out the session:
first, they both wore Nylon Pantyhose that were cut open as opening scene. Second was a sports outfit
and third, the models wearing one of their preferred outfits,
K. wearing a japanese Lolita dress and P. wearing high socks and stilettos.
Due to the amount of students attending the course and the
detailed nature of the genitals, 2 monitor screens with a live stream
could enlarge the genitals.

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A very big thank you to the models K. & P.,
intriguing and amazing persons,
and the best models <3